Employment Policy
We do not feel that it is necessary to implement an elaborate policy which details classes and groups within society to whom we will provide equal access to employment.

All appointments will be made on the basis of suitability to excel in the job. We will not tolerate mediocrity. Any employee may work from their own home where practical to do so. Wherever necessary, we will provide computers and other resources to enable this (We can also advise on methods of ‘teleworking’ for other organisations).

Age will NOT be a barrier to employment with Solis. The Internet has become a ‘young persons’ industry. Solis believe that experience and quality will know no age barrier. We will not impose a minimum retirement age. If an employee desires to stay with Solis, and they are able to maintain a quality commitment toward the company, then we will be pleased to keep them as a part of our Team.

The prime qualification for employment in addition to the comments above will be the ability to support and encourage our customers to enhance their knowledge, skills, enjoyment and productivity from the Internet. Solis will implement a Staff Development Policy and will, at our own expense, train, both internally and externally all employees in areas that will increase their ability to provide a high quality service for our customers.

Health and Safety
Solis will implement, develop and monitor a Health and Safety Strategy that involves all Staff Members at every level. Employment of whatever nature with Solis is dependent upon strict Health and Safety compliance - we don't want damaged staff or customers.

Solis will employ school pupils and higher education students on the strict understanding that all course work takes precedence over working for us. If it comes to our attention that a staff member has neglected school or course work whilst working for us, their contract of employment may be terminated on the spot. All staff will be made aware of this policy prior to and during the course of their employment. In the case of applicants or potential employees who are still at school, written or personal parental consent is required before employment will be offered or confirmed.