What we believe

Solis firmly believe in the potential of the Internet to enhance and improve the quality of life, the economy and our society. However we also recognise that a small minority may misuse the Internet.

We also believe that we have a social responsibility, not only in terms of the products and services we sell, but also in the way we conduct ourselves as a business, and have devised the following ethical framework.

Our Community
We have a very strong commitment to Sheffield and our local community. Solis may offer "zero cost" or highly discounted Internet services for Voluntary Organisations, Charities and groups within or working directly for the benefit of the people of Sheffield. We will prioritise services who target young people - especially those at risk of harm through the use of alcohol and drugs.   Wherever possible, Solis will prioritise trade with other Sheffield Businesses.

Financial Control.
Strategic and consistent late payment of invoices as a means to ease cashflow is an unethical way of doing business. Solis believe that prompt payment of bills encourages regeneration and supports growth in the economy. We will endeavour to pay our bills on time, and therefore expect our customers to do the same.

Advertising Policy
It is Solis policy that we shall not directly advertise our products and services. We believe that quality products and good service sell themselves. All of our business is generated via personal and professional recommendation.  (We like to do business this way)

"Adult" material and Pornography.
Our servers will not host the more ‘adult’ material to be found on the Internet. We recognise however, that it is possible to access other servers from our own, and we cannot monitor this activity.  If it comes to our attention that anyone using our network is involved with the possession or distribution of indecent images of children (of whatever nature), their account will be terminated immediately and details passed onto the Police. Contracting with Solis is deemed to be in full agreement of this policy. Solis will on no account sell space on our servers for ‘Adult’ Web sites. Anyone asking us to host such a site may expect a dreadfully rude and direct reply. We do not want or need to be in the Pornography business.

As Network Administrators, we reserve the right to monitor
any or all traffic passing through our network.

Recycling and Reusing.
Wherever possible, Solis will only use recycled or renewable resources. We sort waste at source and recycle or reuse all office waste. We will rarely produce resources which are not produced on recycled material.  We do not believe in producing environmentally hostile products, so don't expect to see flash glossy brochures or point of sale materials.

Solis are 100% Carbon Neutral