Acceptable Use Policy

We have adopted a philosophy that assumes the honesty and good intent of our subscribers, therefore our services are provided in as unrestricted a manner as possible to allow our users to have the richest Internet experience possible.

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) must be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions and Technical Support AUP, and may be subject to change from time to time.

It is the subscribers' responsibility to ensure that they comply with the latest edition of the AUP at any given time.    The latest version of this document can be found at

This Acceptable Use Policy may be revised, without notice, at any time, at the sole discretion of Solis.   Completion of the relevant application form, or connection to the service for the first time, is deemed to be an agreement to our Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policies.

In the event of a breach of this policy, Solis reserve the right to terminate your service with immediate effect, without recompense and delete any files held on our servers.

As Network Administrators, Solis reserve the right to monitor any or all network traffic at any time and for whatever reason at our sole discretion without notice or notification as we may deem appropriate.

Connection Accounts

  1. Login names and passwords must be kept secret and not be communicated to any third party. Solis must be notified immediately if they are compromised. If someone were to gain access to your account password, they could tamper with your files and your email.   If you change your password, please keep a note of it as Solis staff cannot gain access to changed passwords.
  2. Users may not download or store illegal copies of commercial software. If commercial software is stored on our hard disk, we will delete the files and immediately terminate your service without recompense.
  3. Any attempt to breach the security of any machine is forbidden. Attempting to do so will result in immediate account termination and possible further legal action. Users may not run any program that monitors network packet data or any program that compromises the privacy of network traffic.
  4. Standard accounts are for a single user only. Users may only have one dial up connection per account at any one time.
Email and Netnews (usenet)
  1. Users may not "spam" or flood the usenet with a single post to a large number of newsgroups which are not related to the topic of your article.
  2. Users may not abuse, or make physical threats against, another person via e-mail, news or any other electronic media/service we provide.
  3. Users may not forge e-mail or news postings (to include cancel messages, whether manual or automated).
  4. Users may not "spam" people via email. This is defined as unsolicited (unwanted, unrequested) email and includes 'virus alerts' that have not been authenticated or 'get rich quick' chain mails. If in doubt and especially if the message urges you to 'pass it on', don't.
  5. When using newsgroups, subscribers must comply with the globally accepted Usenet Acceptable use policy. A good place to refer to is
  6. Solis reserve the right to cancel any message posted to a news group if it is deemed to be of an unsuitable nature.
'Homepages' Web Space
  1. You will be responsible for the content of your homepages site, including obtaining the legal permission for any works they include and ensuring that the contents of these pages do not violate UK law. Should any web pages not conform to this then they will be removed.
  2. Solis reserve the right, without notice or explanation, to remove material which does not comply with company policy, such as material of an adult nature or pirated software.
  3. Solis reserve the right to suspend any or all of the Homepages service at any time, without prior notice, explanation, or recompense.  The free webspace with your account is not guaranteed in any way, therefore it is not suitable for any commercial application and must not be used as such.
  4. Subscribers will be held solely responsible for any defamatory, confidential, secret or other proprietary material.   made available via your Homepages site. Solis reserve the right to suspend any sites containing such material.
  5. The 25Mb of free Web Space included with a dial-up account cannot be linked to a Fully Qualified Domain name and does not have access to a CGI-BIN or access logs. Commercial Web Space, without these restrictions, is available on application.
  6. The Customer should maintain an index page called "index.htm" or "index.html" in the root (www or 'main') directory of the Homepages space.
  7. Login names and passwords must be kept secret and not communicated to any third party, except for agencies, such as webpage designers, working on your behalf. Solis must be notified immediately if they are compromised. If someone were to gain access to your account password, they could tamper with files held on your site.
  8. No user defined CGIs are permitted with free web Space.
  9. Technical Support will only be provided for uploading, downloading and viewing pages. No support will be provided for HTML authoring or page design, although we may have support pages providing help with these topics.
  10. No logs or visitor details will be supplied with free web space.
  11. The customer has sole responsibility for ensuring that any data is suitably backed-up. Solis will not keep backups of your pages.
  12. Solis will accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss of data or information resulting from the use of this service.
  13. If the account is suspended for any reason, such as non-payment, access to the customers' Homepage, both for viewing and uploading, may also be suspended.
  14. On closing an account, the relevant data on this web space will be deleted.
  15. By uploading to the homepages host, the customer will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of use of the web space service.
  • Users may not mount an attack, by whatever means, against our system, or any other systems. Users may not run unauthorised mailing lists from, or through any of our machines, or mail servers.
Technical Support
  • Technical Support exists for the benefit of Solis customers, providing support for questions relating directly to our services.  Technical support is here to provide the best service possible to our customers, but can, at times, be stretched by having to answer unnecessary calls. Please read the Technical Support AUP for further information. When contacting Technical Support, please ensure that you have all relevant details to hand, including details of any specific Error Messages encountered.

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