Can't download from Android Market!

I - and all the staff here have Android phones.

We also have email accounts.

...and we've found a problem.

As have LOTS of our customers.

Simply put - our phones had stopped downloading from Android Market.

The problem and solution:

PROBLEM: - Google 'mail' in the UK was, until recently known as 'googlemail'.  Now Google offer it as '' and users have the option to switch their 'main' googlemail address to a 'gmail' one.

SWITCHING CAN BREAK YOUR PHONE in such a way as you will either be unable to access the Android Market, or - more of an issue, although able to access the market, unable to download Apps - they go in a queue, but not actually download.

THIS WILL also slaughter your battery life, as your phone will be constantly using wifi, or *G to try and download your Apps in the queue.

SOLUTION: - Just login to your gmail / googlemail account, AND SWITCH BACK to your old @googlemail address.  You can still use either @gmail or @googlemail addresses, and after a reboot, your phone will download all the Apps you have been waiting for.


If this doesn't work - tough.  It isn't a problem caused by us, is in no way related to the service we offer, and the fix provided above is simply as a courtesy.  We are not paid to give support to Microsoft or Google - if you still have a problem - go talk to Gooogle or your phone provider.  DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL US.