Top Tip - Better than a USB stick!

Handy as they are for moving documents, files and photos between computers, home and office - USB portable memory sticks also very easy to lose, leave in another jacket, or simply forget to remove from ones computer. 

I was recently introduced to a little program called 'Dropbox' - and have now left my USB memory sticks in the office drawer.  Essentially what it does is create a folder on your computer that is then 'mirrored' on any other computer to which you load the Dropbox software.

So, I place a spreadsheet into the Dropbox folder on my work machine, and it's there waiting for me when I get home, or on my laptop - or (and this is the killer for me), I can access it directly on my mobile phone using the Dropbox 'App'.

Best of all - it's FREE for up to 2Gigabyte of storage!

You can get it here .

Neither I nor Solis are associated with Dropbox - but it's such a handy tool that we felt we really should let you know about it!