RIP - Graham Bagshaw

An email just arrived with the sad news that Graham Bagshaw ( died unexpectedly last Friday (15th July 2011).

Graham after eating

Graham was almost a part of the furniture during the early days of Solis, especially so at TechKnow, our Cybercafe on London Road.

Graham Bagshaw - TechKnow 1998

A passionate interest in information technology - especially how it may be deployed within community organisations, Graham was a founder member and regular contributor to 'Snuffle', the email discussion list of the Network Users' Forum (

Graham Bagshaw - eating

Graham also liked to eat - and would be guaranteed to turn up with Sue to any 'do' that had been arranged.

Graham - eating

Above all, Graham shared with Solis a basic and fundamental respect for the strategy of not taking ourselves too seriously.

Our thoughts are with Sue.

NUF December 1999


Martyn & Charlotte