Postal Workers' Strike

Solis support the current action being taken by postal workers.

We will not apply any penalty for late payments caused by invoices or cheques being delayed during the course of this dispute.

Furthermore, Solis will not move our postal business away from Royal Mail, however for environmental reasons we prefer to send invoices via email, and for security reasons we prefer to be paid via BACS.


Sorry Mr Mandleson, but you're wrong, plain wrong.  The postal service cannot be looked at in a purely commercial sense.  It is a vital part of our community infrastructure and acts as a safety device for all of us.  Selling off the most profitable parts and planning to break up Royal Mail will have a direct and negative effect on every elderly, vulnerable person in the country.

A Management who do not listen to their workers and customers is destined to fail.  A Management who get in to bed with Mandleson, well, as the old saying goes, if you sleep with dogs...

Support your 'Postie', you never know, they may save yout life one day - or the life of someone you care about.