New Solis Website Launch!

That's launch, not lunch :-)

From our early roots providing 1200baud dial-up via banks of Hayes smartmodems, UUCP and very basic Linux hosting to our current range of high-speed, high quality access and hosting solutions, we've always attempted to offer a robust range of products and services, uncomplicated and uncluttered with unnecessary features, jargon, bells or whistles. Our website has always attempted to reflect this methodology and we hope that this latest incarnation of our site, predominantly text based, enables you to quickly find all you need to know about who we are, and what we sell.

Our previous site served us well (excuse the pun) and lasted around 9 or 10 years (well done Gareth, fine work) but we decided that times move on, and we should get ourselves a bit of a makeover.  This new site offers a lot more functionality (once you're Registered), and is designed to be fully accessible to W3C standards, (click the logo below to find out more).

Once registered, please feel free to add your comments below and let us all know what you think about our new site.

If the technobabble in the first paragraph means little to you, don't worry.  We're here to shield you from the techie stuff, allowing you to do whatever it is you do best.


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