Broadband - SDSL

Working in a similar way to ADSL, the significant difference with SDSL is the higher upload speed and lower contention of service (maximum 10:1) at the local exchange.

Solis SDSL offers a synchronous 2Mb connection, ideal for local data hosting, large file transfers and enhancing VPN performance, with uploads around 8 times faster than conventional ADSL.

Unlike ADSL, which can usually be added seamlessly to an existing BT analogue line, SDSL requires installation by an engineer.  A new socket will be provided and this will be dedicated to your SDSL connection.

Solis SDSL offers an idea solution for customers facing the restrictions of ADSL but who cannot justify the cost of a permanent Leased Line.

Setup and installation of SDSL is £179

Monthly cost for a 2Mb circuit is £229

Minimum contract 12 months.

Solis are able to provide pre-configured hardware, if required, at cost.