Domain names

Solis register and maintain domain names in all hierarchies.

As a part of our domain hosting charge we automatically renew domains within our control and offer full DNS services associated with the domain.

Solis are Registrars for the .uk namespace.  Transferring a .uk domain to Solis is simple, just ask the current Registrar to change the IPSTAG to REDSYS - we will receive an automated notification once the TAG has been changed, all you need to do is tell us what you want us to do with it.

Domains in other hierarchies, such as .com, .net, .org, .tv, .me, .info have different procedures for transfer, often involving the current Registrar unlocking the domain and issuing an Authorisation Code.  We are happy to advise you on the appropriate method of transfer for your domain.

We do not charge to transfer domain names in or out of our system.

IMPORTANT: Once we have control of your domain we do everything for you, including renewal with the Registration Authority.  Please do NOT respond to letters or other communication regarding renewal of your domain name.  If in doubt, Contact us immediately.