Contacting the Sheffield Office

As long-standing customers will be aware, March and April are our busiest times of the year as we have clients with underspend who need completion before the new tax year weighed against those who spent their money last November and will be chomping at the bit as soon as the new tax year starts and - basically - everybody wants everything yesterday, if not sooner.

 The crew are currently working silly-daft hours and although he keeps offering to come in and lend a hand, we've banned Martyn from the offices as he's recovering from a very painful operation.

THEREFORE there may be some delay in responding to technical queries of a non-urgent nature, or repetitive issues that we have previously fixed, and some customers (you know who you are!) have promptly 'un-fixed'.

Essentially, the more time we have to spend dealing with your major issue of not being able to tune into iPlayeron your iPad (neither of which are our responsibility) the less time we have to do 'real work', like answering the phone to invaluable PPI parasites...

We will deal with all setup and modification requests on a 'first come, first actioned' basis BUT WILL ADDITIONALLY WEIGH THE PRIORITY to take into account the severity of the request, and no, iPlayer and iPad don't come anywhere near the top of our priorities, in fact, they're not even on the list.

If we tell you it isn't a problem here, and your 'technical support IT provider' claims otherwise, you need to either change them, or us.

Thank you for your understanding.


Head of Technical Operations