Beware the "IT Support Company"

We're getting an increasingly frustrating number of calls from customers who've been told to call us in relation to problems that are evidently nothing to do with us.

It doesn't usually take us very long to evaluate that this is a tactic employed by IT Support companies in order to 'get the customer off their back'.

The result is that it confuses the customer, who ends up being batted backwards and forwards, wasting their time - AND OURS.

If you have an IT problem, and an IT support contract with an "IT Support Company", and they tell you to call us (recent issues have been "my printer isn't working when I try to print an email", "I can't send picture sms messages on my mobile phone" and "I can't bring up web pages on my computer, but everyone else in the office can"), then you're being 'fobbed off' and certainly not getting value for your money and may find it worthwhile sourcing a different support provider who knows what they're talking about and offers 'support'..

We reserve the right to get very cross in such circumstances, and if this persists, we'll publicly 'out' incompetent and lazy IT Support Companies.