Customer Care

Customer Care Policy

We see the Internet in very much the same way as many people view ‘independent travel’. It is possible to buy ‘packaged Internet’ in the same way as one can buy a ‘packaged holiday’, however, our experience shows that as our customers become familiar with the Internet, they choose to ‘go their own way’. For this reason we do not supply ‘all in’ packages of access bundled with software. We provide the basic essentials that will enable our customers to access the Internet and can supply, upon request, other software for specific purposes.

It is our belief that empowerment and encouragement provide a better framework to harness the potential of the Internet, rather than serving it up on a plate with no understanding of how it works or what it can potentially do. As a part of our Customer Care Program, we will encourage our customers to participate in our educational sessions which are held regularly. We also encourage ‘Peer Learning’ and can contribute to shared educational initiatives.. Solis recognise that any new media can seem daunting at first and will offer Technical Support which is relevant, appropriate and understandable. It is in our own interests to have fully satisfied customers.

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