History & Basics

Solis are a dedicated Internet, Intranet and Networking Solutions Provider

Officially launched on the 1st of November 1995 to take over our two existing Internet businesses, (Sheffield On-line and Sheffield WebMaster), Solis have become something of a "seasoned veteran" in the Internet Industry.

It seems odd to reflect that the Internet as we now know and use it, is still very young in real terms.  When we started playing around with IP based communications in the 1980s we had no idea what it would become.  The advent of the World Wide Web, thanks to Tim Berners Lee led to the most revolutionary change in the way we access and publish information since the invention of the printing press. 

When everyone started talking about 'the net', we decided to take a look.  To our astonishment we realised it was what we were already using and working on.  For the first time in many years we actually knew what we were doing - and we smiled!

Solis have always represented a highly motivated collective of experienced Internet designers, Network Administrators, Systems Engineers and perhaps most importantly, 'net users'.  Our sole aim is to understand what you want to do, and enable you to achieve it without knowing, or having to be concerned with the technical stuff behind the scenes.

Judicious purchasing and strategic alliances with proven 'top level' providers together with our own unique implementation of in-house technology ensure resilience and reliability often unmatched by even the largest multinational service providers.  

Late one afternoon a few years ago something very strange happened.

We finally understood, in the depth of the murky, dusty, and somewhat untidy heights of Solis Towers, why we were 'still here' after so many years of providing simple yet robust IP services to our clients.

It isn't because we have a very swish and highly attractive web Portal front end for our clients, neither is it because we offer "incentives" to our clients in order to put business our way.  It isn't due to any creative martketing strategy or Public Relations Agency, nor is it founded on spin...

...we're still here because we know what we're doing.

So, why is this so odd?

Well, I guess it's mainly due to us just getting on with being boring sad propellor-head techies - and as a consequence, most of our customers just forget we're here because everything just 'works' - albeit behind the scenes, and we forget the extent of the knowledge we've stacked up over the years and just keep things working - as they should.  When the odd 'issue' crops up, we fix it, we then go back to doing sad techie stuff and the customer gets on with their own business.  Everybody is happy.

We think this is a good balance, and indeed, the way things should be.